Benefits of Assess2Achieve

Assess2Achieve addresses some common problems that teachers encounter.


Presently many teachers keep their assessments on paper. Scores and results are written onto different class tables, documents and files for each subject. This means that searching for information about a particular child in all subject areas is difficult and inefficient.


Assess2Achieve enables you to store all the assessment information for each child in one place. You are able to search for an individual child?s records or a group of children?s records as an efficient means for using assessment successfully.

It enables the teacher to record individual pupil assessments rapidly, therefore saving the teacher time. It also enables the teacher to keep detailed notes about the outcome for each child in each lesson. In addition to this the teacher can enter notes about how the child reacted to the lesson.


Lesson Evaluations

The problem with evaluations if they are written on paper is they become difficult for teachers, co-ordinators and head teachers to access. Most teachers do not have the time to manage and organise efficient filing of their evaluations.


Assess2Achieve solves this problem because it is a software system that enables you to store all the evaluation information in one place. Then you are able to search for a particular subject or topic as an efficient means to using evaluations successfully.



For complete accuracy, teachers would need to search through different files, documents and tables that appertain to the individual child. Therefore teachers would need to keep extensively detailed notes for every lesson to get a truly accurate picture of the child?s aptitude and tendencies.

Generally teachers do not have time to make notes on every individual for this kind of accuracy. Even if they did, it would take a great deal of time to sort through them to make comprehensive judgements.


Assess2Achieve enables you to search for an individual?s child?s records so that you can scrutinise a particular subject or topic efficiently.

The software is able to translate the learning outcomes of the individual into report format. This ensures that reports to parents are accurate and removes the need for teachers to type the entire report.

Using Assess2Achieve means that even in the event that there is a change of teacher mid year, a full detailed report to parents is possible.


Information Transfer

Due to the fact that many teachers store information about their pupils on paper, colleagues find it difficult to retrieve information about their pupils? previous outcomes.


With Assess2Achieve teachers can now pass on their back ups to the class? future teacher to enable him/her to access more detailed information about his/her class.

Data stores from different teachers can be amalgamated to give an overview of a whole school so that reports can be created with information supplied by different teachers.


Additional Features

Often new software packages are hard to understand and use, and are aimed at a limited audience.


The format is friendly to non-computer professionals. Assess2Achieve has a paper like ?look? to the application, even though it is a data store. Teachers can use the software flexibly to suit the needs of the curriculum, their pupils, the differentiation within their classes.

Assess 2 Achieve has design features to suit the needs of both primary and secondary schools.


Assess2Achieve 2004