Here are some of the comments we have recieved, from users of Assess2Achieve.

SchoolZone Review

Assess2Achieve provides teachers with a comprehensive, effective organisation system all in one place. Planning, assessment, evaluations, pupil tracking, target setting and report writing are all combined in this easy to use application. It aims to provide support and ultimately save teacher's invaluable time by allowing them to store vast amounts of information about pupils in one place. The application provides easy to use formats, although there is flexibility to adjust formats according to individual school's needs. It is therefore suitable for Primary or Secondary Schools.

The ideal way to use the Assessment and Report Writing components of the program, would be to keep them open all the time, adding information about students at the end of each lesson as thoughts arise. These would then be used to inform reports. Ideally this would include a statement bank to assist in this process.

The Planning area can be used for short and mid-term plans- though its effectiveness would be down to the individual teacher's organisation. The fact that information can be transferred between teachers could be very useful for classes moving to a new teacher, e.g in rotational teaching or even between years. Pupil files can be loaded onto the software, another potentially useful feature.

This application can be used both on standalone computers as well as networks allowing the transfer of information to be simple.

The CD comes complete with a comprehensive training presentation (which was very good) and further support is available by telephone too. This application will undoubtedly provide many teachers with the organisation solutions they have been looking for.


Letter From A Class Teacher

Since I have been using Assess2Achieve, I feel I have achieved new levels of professionalism. It has allowed me to focus on the task of assessing the children?s work regularly, therefore using my time much more effectively. It has [made] my marking more through and useful, both for my self and my class.

The pupil and lesson notes function are indispensable to me, now that I have found a way to record all the things I was trying in vain to remember. The report part of the programme allows me to recall all the notes I have made on a pupil through the year, both on academic and social matters. This is invaluable for me, at parents? evening?s in particular. I find it incredibly useful to have all this information easily accessible for me, and my colleagues, with just a few flicks of the mouse. With our plans and and assessment information all backed up on computers at school, there are no last minute panics with teacher absences or forgotten files. It is also much eager to carry one floppy disk with me rather than several heavy files.

I am proud of the way I have been enabled to teach by using Assess2Achieve. I can feel secure that I have done the best I possibly could in my job everyday. I know that the information I pass on to my colleagues is true, as I have my I have my evidence on disk. This certainty and confidence given to me through using Assess2Achieve has made me feel like a more respected and professional member of the teaching team at my school.

H Young




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