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Teachers can write and store their plans using the software. There are proformas available, alternatively there is the flexibility to create your own.

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Teachers can rapidly record the achievements of individual pupils against the learning outcomes identified in the lesson plan.

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Pupil Notes

Notes are able to be made in two ways. Pupil response to lessons can be noted when recording outcomes. Also there is the facility to make more general notes and/or absences in the software.

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The software allows the teacher to consider the class? response to the teaching. This information can be retrieved and used to aid future planning.

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The software has been designed for you to be able to Search for important information rapidly.

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The assessments recorded throughout the year are used to create highly accurate reports. This aspect of the software should save you hours!

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 Every page in Assess2Achieve can be printed out. This can be useful in many aspects of the teaching day.

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 The software has been designed to reflect the paperwork teachers normally use. Within the program, the teacher has three organisers; a Planning Organiser, an Assessment Organiser and a Report Organiser.

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